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Elsi Logistics is a fast growing courier and delivery services company dedicated to providing top quality courier services for a wide range of clients who want to make sure they are getting superior value for their money on all their delivery and courier requirements.

Elsi Logistics has expanded to the dispatching trucking service industry and that's why our partners can take advantage of all our different services. We provide to our clients with the most comprehenisve courier and disptach support services.

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We listen to you, your needs, your desired results, and your current challenges in order to communicate options to achieving your goals with solutions that fit within your organization.


We work together to identify specific solutions for your needs by creating objectives, assigning resources, and executing plans to achieve your desired results utilize cost-effective, time-critical delivery options and services.


We cultivate partnerships by engaging clearly with our customers and implementing results-based solutions while always reviewing and evaluating ways to improve our services based upon your needs and goals.